I do not think there are any words that I can say that will do this woman justice, but I will do my best. Winnie is the absolute ultimate companion, in my opinion. She has a stunning, sizzling hot, jaw dropping body that just oozes sex appeal from head to toe. Her slim model figure is to die for - Winnie’s skin is so soft and smooth, perfect for touching and caressing (among other things). Her lips are also so soft and warm, perfect for kissing and teasing. It is all this that contributes to making Winnie a dangerously addictive and incredible woman to spend time with...
— Gentleman from Paris
Don’t be fooled by her sweet laugh, or those full lips. Winnie is the type of woman you treat like a queen in public and a naughty woman in the bed room.
— A Gentleman from LA
Sometimes you get lucky in life- perhaps a lottery win, a professional success or you spend precious moments with Winnie. Words don’t adequately describe an encounter with Winnie but, needless to say, it is an experience that leaves your mind and body longing for more.
— A Gentleman from NY